Mobile ID: Authentication via sim card

A new brand and new platform make SIM-card activation easy

Mobile ID was originally Swisscom’s authentication service. By becoming its own brand, all Swiss telecommunications providers can benefit from the service.

Case: Mobile ID

Mobile ID is the simplest and most secure way to log in to any website and is now a service common among all Swiss telecommunications providers. Mobile ID works without any additional software and passwords are never stored on any server.

The challenge:

Launched by Swisscom, Mobile ID can be activated for any SIM card issued by any telecom provider in Switzerland. But without a partner company to activate the service as an additional, protective authentication layer for logging into websites, and because very few people were even aware of the service, Mobile ID was rarely activated.

The solution:

Mobile ID launched as its own brand with its own website, which explained in simple language the advantages of Mobile ID. Users could also activate a SIM card from any Swiss telecom provider on the website.

The result:

Mobile ID extended its coverage, activations increased fivefold, and the brand is finding new use as a service among implementation partners.

Deep Impact's role:

Deep Impact created the new brand, concept and web design and carried out the implantation. It took care of the digital marketing as well.