Dealer Platform for AMAG Import

AMAG Import, the general importer of the brands for the Volkswagen Group, wants to offer a uniform solution for its dealers in every brand world.

FThe AMAG Import dealer solution provides a separate brand website for each dealer. This ensures the consistency of the brand worlds and communicates services and offers throughout.

Amag Import

Amag Import is the general importer of the Audi, Volkswagen, Skoda and Seat brands. Around 1000 dealers in Switzerland sell their brands to end customers.


Each retailer maintained its own website, but usually had too little time to maintain it properly. In addition, many did not adhere to the CI/CD guidelines.
Another problem: The car manufacturers did not provide the dealers with interfaces for digital content.


First we copied all dealer pages with scraping technology and created with Spectra a new website in the look & feel of the manufacturers. Every dealer now has all model information and all actions automatically on his website and can also enter his own actions and news. Multi-brand dealers receive a separate page for each brand and only have to enter their individual information once.


Every retailer now has a CI/CD-compliant website that is always up to date and requires much less effort. All customer enquiries end up directly with the right dealer via CRM.

Work Deep Impact:

Consulting, strategy, concept, design, technology and digital marketing