A design sprint to have a new online experience for Vinazion

Vinazion: A webshop is (not) a webshop

Together with our client Vinazion, we developed the idea of a cockpit for their online shop. The idea came up and was tested during a design sprint.

Are you a wine lover? Maybe you know your way around a few grapes, have particular favourites and know exactly where to get them. Maybe you enjoy talking to friends about where you discovered each gem.

This love of wine has given rise to a boom in wine suppliers in Switzerland: Wine subscriptions, buying groups, online shops in abundance, direct sales by the producer. It is not easy to establish forge a new place in the market.

Our client Vinazion faces this challenge. Building on a Swiss store network with tens of thousands of customers, Vinazion came to us with the task of strengthening online sales and attracting new Vinazion customers.

In a four-day Design Sprint in Winterthur, we first analysed the market with the Vinazion team, defined Vinazion's potential and, above all, jointly defined the needs of the customers.
This is what often happens when you focus on a challenge and develop ideas in a spirit of partnership: together, we create an exciting solution. When buying wine, many customers are unsure which wine goes with which food, or how they can combine their preferences with their budget, for example.

In the Design Sprint, the idea of a cockpit appeared. Vinazion customers can tweak a set of preferences to find out what they like and what goes with their planned meal.
During the four-days Design Sprint, we implemented the idea in prototype, which real people tested. The tests gave Vinazion and us the certainty that the cockpit adds value and could turn a window-shopper into a Vinazion customer. We also integrated Abacus to automatically display accurate stock availability and fully process orders.


Of course, the next step is to create an attractive website and design the wine cockpit so customers will enjoy using it. And our digital marketing team now supports Vinazion in its mission to win new and loyal customers.

A webshop is (not) a webshop? A webshop is a customer experience. A webshop presents the company as a likable partner. A webshop is an instrument to help fill market gaps. A webshop positions the supplier with its product range. And yes: in the webshop, of course, people also buy. Not just once, but hopefully again and again as a happy customer.


Try it out for yourself!

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