Ventures and joint ventures: Deep Impact scales great ideas.

Our Ventures

Sometimes our ideas are so brilliant that they could easily be a company on their own. So this is what we do! We spin-off those ideas and help those ventures grow.

Some of our ideas are so good that we made our own ventures out of them.


Identification by AI

AVA-X specializes in the exploitation of information using artificial intelligence. It is world-class in the identification of persons and the evaluation of OSINT data. The products are used by governments, banks and major event organizers.

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B2B News Platforms

Winsider operates B2B news portals for different industries, e.g. Medinside for the 500‘000 active professionals in the health industry in Switzerland, as well as Inside IT for the ICT industry. Additional verticals for other industries are planned.


The future of the fruit and vegetable trade

Frutico is completely digitalising administration, warehousing and ordering, thereby increasing efficiency by 25%. Frutico brings improved processes, an e-shop and the connection to marketplaces such as hogashop, as well as a complete accounting program.


Spectra makes online publishing even easier and faster. The dynamic organisation of content enables a new kind of customer experience. Thanks to intuitive handling and a differentiated paywall, Spectra is the future of online publishing.


Investor Relations

We have promising investment opportunities.

Interested in more information about our ventures?
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