The simplifier

The simplifier

Aleksandra Walczak is on the Deep Impact team that ensures digital transformation delivers what it promises: intuitive and elegant to use software. For instance as production support on iPads in the food industry.

Researching, observing users and collecting feedback are Aleksandra's central activities in making an application as usable as possible.

"I’m a kind of bridge builder between the software developers and the users. My job is to understand where the hurdles are for the users and to adapt the software to their needs. And, thus, improve its usability."

Aleksandra Walczak, UX/UI designer @ Deep Impact.

Aleksandra's statement that customers cannot think into the future is exciting: "They depend on using the software to be able to find out what is missing or what is set up incorrectly. Of course, the best thing is when we can solve the client's problem before they even know it."

Deep Impact uses an iterative approach. We first implement and use an MVP – a product with the minimum functions. "After that, we are in active exchange with the customers to continuously improve the software." In this way, the application remains agile and can respond to changing requirements.


Deep Impact's core business is complex applications that digitise companies' core processes. And are there any recipes for making the software easy to use? "It’s important users don’t always see the full software straight away. We analyse each process with the customers to make the right functions usable in the software at the right moment." This process is called progressive disclosure.

And what excites Aleksandra about building bridges between technological competence and a high level of usability? "It excites me to see when, thanks to our work, processes become simpler, sources of error decrease and users no longer have to worry about complicated Excel formulas and printed paper."




Since Aleksandra is constantly building her understanding and reaching for new knowledge, she has three exciting book recommendations about UX:
  • Matthew Syed: "Black Box Thinking: The Surprising Truth About Success" - an inspiring guide to learning from mistakes.
  • Don Norman: "The Design of Everyday Things" - sometimes design can be so simple and intuitive.
  • Daniel Kahneman: "Thinking, Fast and Slow" - a school for thinking, full of intellectual surprises.

You can find more inputs from Aleksandra on

Rychenbergstrasse 67,
8400 Winterthur
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