Research and development

Facial recognition, natural language processing (NLP), computer vision and data science

Our internal research and development team keeps itself abreast of advancements in the technology of machine learning and actively pursues new approaches to the creation of intelligent machines. The knowledge gleaned therefrom flows directly into our products.

The fruits of our research work feed our products. At Deep Impact, researchers work side-by-side with experienced software developers, thus enabling our customers to have access to the newest capabilities.

Artificial Intelligence

We are actively working in the areas of computer vision, natural language processing, internet information processing and data science. In the area of facial recognition, we are among the leaders of the pack world-wide, as comparison with scientific benchmarks shows.

Sentinel: Uncut video of our face recognition capabilities

Facial recognition

By international comparison, we are among those at the top of the class. Our performance benchmarks compare equally with those of Google and Microsoft (In the benchmark test “Labeled Faces in the Wild”, we reach a success rate of 99.46%). Our face-matching technology is employed in our Gemini product, which is used, for example, during the digital on-boarding by a bank of a new customer.

Natural language processing (NLP)

We use NLP to classify content and establish common relevance among units of content. We continue to research improvements in querying content in order to yield evermore consistently reliable results from vast amounts of data. We utilize such technology especially in our Spectra and Virgo software, respectively. The latter, our real-time, intelligence service tool renders Deepnet and Darknet data into a meaningful context

Our own products with Artificial Intelligence

We use Artificial Intelligence in many of our own products

Gemini is an AI browser based solution for face matching between official identification documents and faces.

Research contracts

Within the framework of our Accelerator program we take on specific problems from industry. In that context we deliver solutions in the areas of big data, identification and data mining, as well as language processing.

If you have a research project in mind, please get in touch with us. Our team would gladly help you formulate a solution.