Our Projects

Our Projects

We help you accelerate your ideas to success. Our services range from software engineering to project management, user experience design and digital marketing.


We accompany companies in their digital transformation.

We are specialized in building platforms under time pressure. With more than 100 successfully launched projects, we have extensive expertise in building platforms efficiently.

About us

Online Strategy

Your digital transformation is our priority. Starting with a targeted design sprint, we go full speed from the beginning, getting to an MVP in 6 months max.

Software Engineering

Software development is part of our DNA, because that's where we started. Although we develop exclusively in Switzerland, we hire the best global talent.

User Experience Design

We’re passionate about creating coherent and intuitive websites for people and brands, staying at the leading edge of technology and web design.

Digital Marketing

It doesn’t matter how cool or efficient your digital product is, if no one knows about it, it has zero worth. That’s where our digital marketing team comes in – to help you get the best results.

Project Business

We accompany companies in their digital transformation.

Deep Impact makes you beautiful

Last year, a team from London contacted us with an idea for a micro-influencers app. It was an interesting idea, but would potential customers go for it? We concretised the concept during a design sprint and tested it with potential users. The result was the TIMB App, which gives everyone the chance to be a micro-influencer.

We work for companies that outsource their digital innovation projects to us. We open up new digital market potentials and help to grow in new or disruptive product segments in less than 6 months.


Rychenbergstrasse 67 8400 Winterthur
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