Project Business

We accompany companies in their digital transformation.

We are specialized in building platforms under time pressure. With over 250 years of online experience and more than 100 successfully launched projects, we have extensive expertise in building platforms under time pressure.

Online Strategy, Consulting & Project Management

Your digital transformation is our priority. Starting with a targeted design sprint, we go full speed from the beginning, getting to an MVP in 6 months max. Throughout your project, we work closely with you through a single point of contact. We use agile project-management methods and tools that ensure you can see development status at any time. And we’ll use the development methodology that best suits your project, be it Scrum, Kanban or one of our home-grown methodologies.

Software Engineering

Software development is part of our DNA, because that's where we started. Although we develop exclusively in Switzerland, we hire the best global talent. We have more than 15 nationalities in our team. As experts in frontend and backend technologies, we develop the best and most efficient solutions.

Not only do we have an excellent team at the start, but we also build on a modern technology stack. This means that a globally scalable, cloud-based technology architecture is available. The AWS-based platform allows uninterrupted deployment and global distribution of static content via Content Delivery Networks (CDN). In less than an hour, we can set up a new environment fully automatically at the touch of a button.

We rely on solid but modern technologies. React, TypeScript, CSS (CSS-in-JS, CSS modules, SCSS), Node.js, Next.js, Clojure, noSQL and GraphQL databases are our basic technologies.

User Experience Design

We’re passionate about creating coherent and intuitive websites for people and brands. By staying at the leading edge of technology and web design, we adapt to the continually changing digital landscape. We strive to create user-friendly websites that encourage business growth, connect audiences and look perfect on every device.
A combination of user-experience design and innovative front-end development, our product or solution for you is aesthetically appealing, has intuitive interaction and adds value to people’s daily lives.

Digital Marketing

It doesn’t matter how cool or efficient your digital product is, if no one knows about it, it has zero worth. That’s where our digital marketing team comes in – to help you get the best results. Performance marketing, conversion-centered design, search-engine-based marketing, social media marketing or programmatic advertising; those are all more than buzzwords to us. Our team of Google Analytics certified professionals can configure your account, analyse your website data and provide valuable reports.

Examples say more than a thousand words! Read here how we helped our clients with our expertise and experience: