More impact for your business idea

More impact for your business idea

In love with your prototypes? Well, they’re not enough! Deep Impact COO Manuela Hug explains why we rely on pretotypes: they’re more accurate, more effective, and even closer to the market than prototypes.

Deep Impact’s culture of learning and sharing means we often uncover pearls that reshape our thinking and methodology. The pretotyping pearl is so important that we need to share it with you: Alberto Savoia describes pretotyping in The Right It: Why So Many Ideas Fail and How to Make Sure Yours Succeed (Harper Collins). Deep Impact COO Manuela Hug applies it.

In pretotyping, prototypes are not examined for likes and weaknesses, instead they form a market engagement hypothesis (an MEH).

This type of hypothesis is quantitative and precisely describes the customer group and how and when they will need the new offer. The hypothesis is tested, for example, by pretending that the service or product already exists. This is the fake door pretotype.

Manuela Hug, COO of Deep Impact

Promote your new product as if it were real, and you learn the lessons from the reactions. Doing this means you get real-life reactions – not just responses from "thoughtland." These potential customers prove their willingness to pay for something, and put actual skin in the game.

Exciting? Manuela also describes the other pretotypes and gives background information on Savoia's The Right It.
Voila, download here.

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