Welcome Denis

Welcome Denis

The life of a project manager at Deep Impact

What were you looking for in a new job and what did you find at Deep Impact?
I was at my previous job for more than 11 years, and although it was a great position and I learnt a lot there, I was looking for a new challenge. I had spent my life working for big companies, so I fancied moving to a smaller company. Decision making, approval chains and other processes within Deep Impact are much faster, which is a huge advantage. The atmosphere is much more personal and familiar, which is also a big plus.

How did you start your first project?
After the onboarding, I dived straight in with a design sprint for the latest project for Holcim. I was in the driver seat from kick-off, which was challenging, for sure, but I actually like to be thrown in the deep end... I'm not a control freak and prefer to have self-organizing teams – thankfully something my current team does very well. They are highly professional and motivated, and I am convinced we can handle the very ambitious scope and schedules!

How does Deep Impact deal with the latest web trends and technologies?
From my point of view, Deep Impact pioneers web trends and technology. We cultivate the design sprint, a very powerful tool that adds value to the customer in a very short time.

What are your key factors for professional success?
I’m driven to ensure satisfied customers and motivated, professional and happy team members who strive to offer customers high-quality work and added value. I see myself as a link between IT and the business customer/client, but I also shield the project team and the remove obstacles to provide an environment for them to deliver first-class work.

How did your team colleagues welcome you?
I enjoyed an exceptionally warm welcome at Deep Impact and was very happy to accompany everyone to a team event on my first day at work (that’s the bonus of starting a new job on a Friday!). From the beginning I was able to connect with my colleagues on both a professional and a personal level.

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