This is how online publishing works today

This is how online publishing works today

Deep Impact is technology partner to Nebelspalter, an all-new news platform managed with Spectra, a high-calibre publishing engine that allows content to be published easily.

Already used for various online publications, Spectra performs the functions of a publishing engine, going beyond a conventional CMS for publications such as Medinside, Inside-It, the Deep Impact blog as well as Nebelspalter.

  • Its intuitive operation works for professionals as well as newcomers. It functions without great need for training and ensures high publication quality.
  • Its dynamic content organisation follows the needs and interests of the reader to motivate them to revisit the website.
  • Its powerful search generates structured search result pages. There are no more endless lists.
  • Login adds value for the reader, enabling them to subscribe to topics, follow authors and set email notifications.
  • Its differentiated paywall is extremely simple, finally offering an easy way to sell content online, whether single articles or monthly subscriptions.

What is the groundbreaking thing about Spectra?

"Thanks to the dynamic organisation of content, Spectra turns an online publication into a personal experience. Because Spectra works so efficiently, editors can concentrate on their mission: to present brilliant content brilliantly.”

Christian Fehrlin, CEO of Deep Impact AG.

How and why does Deep Impact support Nebelspalter?

There are three aspects. First, we’ve always wanted to make the organisation of content efficient for the producer as well as for the customers. This resulted in Spectra, which is now also in use at Nebelspalter. Second, Deep Impact has a wealth of experience as a venture builder and can help Nebelspalter to successfully scale a digital business model. And, finally, third, I personally want to offer well-researched articles a platform, so they can stand out from the journalistic fog.

What is your vision for Spectra for online publishing in general?
On news platforms, travel portals or real-estate platforms, wherever there’s a lot of information, Spectra helps to present what makes sense. The problem with the internet is that it generates quantity exponentially, making it hard for the individual to see what’s relevant to them. Thanks to Spectra, this relevance quickly becomes recognisable and usable.

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