Secure and convenient login with Mobile ID

Secure and convenient login with Mobile ID

Secure access to bank data, business accounts and much more thanks to Mobile ID. Secure and convenient login with Mobile ID

All Swiss mobile-phone providers guarantee secure login with Mobile ID. With Mobile ID, users no longer need an additional token, just log in with a mobile phone.


Deep Impact updated Mobile ID for Swisscom, introducing new branding and a new website with an activation function. To successfully complete the project within a tight schedule – about five weeks – we needed an agile project method. We thank the client for the great cooperation and the trust.

New Branding - Professional yet playful

Deep Impact has rebranded Mobile ID, so it stands out in its own right. The logo and colour scheme emphasise the product's convenience and simplicity. The colouring and communication should be provider independent.

logo development

New Website

To reach more users and increase the number of providers, Deep Impact was commissioned to develop a new website with clear navigation and a user-friendly layout. A/B testing and analytics tools were integrated for continuous optimization and measurability, with figures continuously monitored and analysed.

At the heart of the website is the activation function, a place for the user to activate Mobile ID. Deep Impact established the secure connection required to protect Swisscom's software, thus enabling activation including error management. In addition, event tracking was implemented for the well-founded analysis.

The service activiation is at the heart

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