Nao, our Interactive Media Design apprentice

Nao, our Interactive Media Design apprentice

Nao has been with Deep Impact since fall 2019 and is doing his apprenticeship as an "Interactive Media Designer"

He will tell you about his first impressions and what he enjoys most.

"I wanted to become a graphic designer at first and did the preliminary design course (“gestalterischer Vorkurs”). But somehow I always had the feeling that I would be missing something as a graphic designer. That's why I did some research and found the profile of an "Interactive Media Designer". After a trial apprenticeship, I quickly knew that this would be the right thing for me.

Then I put together my portfolio, wrote a cover letter, and applied to various companies. Fortunately, other companies accepted me, but I found the environment at Deep Impact the coolest. I immediately had the feeling that the future was being worked on here. Just the fact that you can see Spiderman when you walk in, I liked it right away.

And that was the right decision! My start with Deep Impact was great. I expected to have more guidelines and was surprised at how much freedom I have. I'm glad that I can take on responsibility here. I like the practical aspects and seeing how my work contributes to the projects. That's why I prefer coming to the office rather than going to school. But I get school and work well together - and I also have enough free time.

What I like about Deep Impact is that I have a lot of variety - I've produced some videos, banners and animations so far and I'm currently working on a landing page. For this, I designed the wireframes and later I will implement the page. Out of all my projects, the video for Lingo has been the most fun so far. In general, I have produced a few videos and I learned a lot, for example about the handling of sound and lighting.

My goal is to start my own video production company. But for that, I have to gain more experience first."

Interested in our apprenticeship program? Markus is responsible for that.

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