Mobile ID: More security in the digital world

Mobile ID: More security in the digital world

Companies and private individuals are clearly feeling it today: digitisation is becoming a must. However, one still faces many challenges: for example, how do I sign a document digitally in compliance with the law? Or how can I authenticate myself securely online?

With Mobile ID, Swisscom Trust Services has developed a two-factor authentication (2FA) which precisely solves these problems. The Mobile ID authentication procedure requires either a SIM card with Mobile ID or a new smartphone app. The chosen one-touch authentication solution combines strong authentication with a mobile application (Android and iOS). The solution was developed in cooperation with Futurae Technologies AG, a company which was founded in 2016 as a spin-off of the Systems Security Group of the ETH Zurich.


Swisscom has given us the task of creating a dashboard in which customers can manage their Mobile ID. Thanks to the integration of Futurae's solution, customers can use the SIM method and/or the device method (app) for the secure authentication of their identity.


Deep Impact and Swisscom Trust Services can already look back on a long-standing partnership. We have already worked together on the website of Mobile ID, on branding and on various applications.
After analyzing the competition and creating personas as well as user journeys, the first designs were developed. The challenge was to provide both end customers and partners with the desired information on one website.
See an early design study below:


We based our user experience decisions on data right from the start. As a result, the activation rates of Mobile ID in Switzerland increased by more than 600% within one year.
To make this possible we used user feedback, A/B testing and heat maps. To ensure consistency in the future, we have also created a design system.
The changes included, for example, improvements to the call to action in the header ("Activate Now"), the clear division of the target groups (private customers, business customers, partners), and an explanation of how Mobile ID can be activated or integrated.

"Finding partners who speak the same language in a fast-developing market with ambitious growth targets is not easy - Deep Impact is such a partner".

Marco Schmid, Head of International Expansion Strategy

In the third and now current phase, the focus was on the internationalization of the solution. In other words, the platform had to be extended as part of the international expansion of Swisscom Trust Services. A core element of this strategy is the launch of a smartphone app, as the SIM-based version is not available outside Switzerland. The MyMobileID user dashboard was created to support this. Customers can view their Mobile ID information there, choose between different authentication methods or recover their password.

In order to bring this solution to market quickly, we have used rapid prototyping and design sprint methods. After initial internal workshops, tests were carried out in each case, in which the users checked the designs and functionalities that had been created. Thanks to these iterations and feedback rounds, we created a clear and user-friendly dashboard within a few weeks. The focus was on the user experience: the dashboard was to be designed as simple as possible and the user was to get an intuitive overview of all its possibilities.
And this is what the dashboard now looks like. The user has the choice: he can add more authentication options, recover the password or order a new SIM card.


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