International Women's Day at Deep Impact

International Women's Day at Deep Impact

With International Women’s Day coming up, the women of Deep Impact came together for breakfast and a chat.

What’s the issues?

We covered quotas, salary equality and part-time work – and realised there is still a lot to fight for.
But we also saw a lot of positive, too. We all immediately agreed we feel good at Deep Impact, and don’t feel there are structural issues preventing us from performing well or achieving the same as our male colleagues. It is a very different experience to some of our workplaces before Deep Impact. It’s somewhat unorthodox to say, but equality seems at home at Deep Impact.

So how has Deep Impact created an equal workplace?
We identified four things that make us feel comfortable at Deep Impact. Hopefully, they will help other workplaces rethink how to attract more female employees and make them more comfortable

Our clients and colleagues treat everyone the same – gender is simply a non topic here.

The concept of diversity encompasses gender as well as nationality, educational background and age. Deep Impact fosters a very open culture, where people of many nationalities, ages, genders and experiences are eager to learn from each other.

Deep Impact makes flexible work a possibility. Part-time or remote work always comes up in the gender-equality conversation, and that’s something that’s in our DNA. Results are what count, not the place you work at or when you do it.

The more women you have in a company, the more you will attract to work for you. Speaking about this, no one said “I wouldn’t have started if there had only been guys”, but after the first women started at Deep Impact, more joined soon. It’s a good feeling to know you’re not the first, and knowing there will be female role models in the company you’re about to work for is great.

We are excited to celebrate International Women’s Day and keep the conversation going. We support everyone fighting for equality. We think it’s vital that we focus on action and on the positive. Thanks to all our role models, female and male, from all areas of life! And here’s to working in a diverse team!

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