Isabel Tinkabel

Isabel Tinkabel

Anything from 3D-printing to smart mirros and selfmade fish-feeders is Isabel-like. She loves to tinker and connect technology with craft. She has now been working for more than 2 years at Deep Impact as a Front-End engineer

Isa present yourself please
I have been working as a frontend developer at Deep Impact AG for two years, now. Before that, I was a fullstack developer in a consulting firm.
Because I both live and work in Winterthur, I have the freedom to get to the office by bike – it is such a great city. When I’m not at work, I enjoy tinkering with tech and, from time to time, making things by hand to balance my work in the digital world.

What is your favorite React stack?
That is a good question. Especially in web development, things change very quickly, and the enthusiasm for new frameworks, transpilers, development environments etc. is always very high. At Spectra, we currently use React with Redux, ImmutableJS and Flow. I have been on this stack for two years, and although I am still happy, it is no longer my favorite anymore.
I would most like to try Typescript instead of Flow in a productive project. I appreciate the features and API in ImmutableJS, but the data structure does not allow exact typing, so I would like to try something else. But I will stay with React for a little longer.

How do you cope with teams?
The interdisciplinary project teams work very closely together. We sit alongside each other, have daily stand-ups and work hand in hand. Depending on the size of the project, however, this can mean we lack a front-end peer in the project team. So that we can still exchange ideas in the front-end team, we meet weekly. At these meetings we also explore new technologies and frameworks.
Even when we are working on a cross-project basis, we are there for each other with code reviews and technical questions support.

Anything exciting are you working on?
I had technical responsibility for my last projects, so I maintained a technical overview of all developments. I was present at customer meetings to cover the technical know-how and to give direct input, so we could collaborate with the team on solutions. I was also available as contact for the team.

What else would you like to learn?
I have a passion for going beyond web development and creating real-life products, so it would be amazing if I could handle CAD. I would find building my own 3D models and completing small hard- and software projects really exciting.

Isabel in action

Tell us briefly about the last conference you attended and what's next?
Last year, Raphi and I went to the huge WeAreDeveloper Conference in Vienna. It was extremely interesting. It covers such a broad range of disciplines; we spent ages digging into all sorts of stimulating concepts, theories and topics.
The WeAreDeveloper Conference is definitely on my wish list this year. We are also a sponsor of the FrontEndConf in Zurich, so I am hoping I can join that, too.

Her selfmade fish-feeder

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