The power of a prototype

The Eleveneye team’s vision was to optimise the information exchange between patients and hospitals. Last summer, we fleshed out this idea during a three-day Design Sprint. The result was the prototype of an app, which is now available in the App Store.

The starting point was the Eleveneye team's idea to radically simplify communication between patients and hospitals using a digital solution.

“Not only do you have to have more ideas than others, you also have to have the ability to decide which of these ideas are good.” Linus Pauling

But as Linus Pauling says, an idea is often not enough. It is important to know whether the idea has any value – whether people would use it. The prototype we worked on during the Design Sprint enabled us to find out exactly that.

We spent three days working intensively on communication between patients and hospitals: making appointments, getting information about procedures and filling out personal details. Using various design-thinking methods, we developed ideas and approaches that could optimise that exchange of information. Our UX designers then combined a selection of these solutions in a first prototype.


“We have high expectations of a prototype: for the idea to be tangible, a prototype must look as real as the finished product. We also pay attention to correct and credible content, such as real numbers, names and terms that could occur in the app. Only such a prototype enables meaningful feedback in user tests,” says Fabio Schmieder, who moderated the Design Sprint. “Some of our testers wanted to download the app immediately and didn't realise that it was only a prototype.”
With the prototype, Eleveneye's team validated the idea of the app not only with potential users but also with hospitals and doctors: where is the potential from their point of view, what would have to be added, what would a cooperation look like? The prototype solidified an idea and made it tangible. It served as a basis for discussion and supported Eleveneye's seriousness about implementing the app.

“The prototype from the Design Sprint opened important doors for us: we were able to present it to various decision makers in the healthcare industry and quickly found important cooperation partners.” Matthias Spühler, CEO heyPatient

“For us, the prototype was a valuable basis for making the necessary technical clarifications and assessments. Thanks to the prototype, Eleveneye was able to win a hospital as a project partner and founded heyPatient AG in autumn.”

At Deep Impact, we are happy to be a part of it as a technology partner and are proud that the first version of the heyPatient app is now available in the App Store and Google Play Store. An extensive integration project is on track, and by summer 2020, the first Swiss hospital will send appointments and important information to its patients via the app.

During this positive story, we have once again realised how important a prototype is. A prototype can make a difference: it makes an idea come alive. If the idea is on paper, it is much easier to discuss, enrich and sharpen. In the case of Eleveneye, the prototype has made it possible to find committed partners and to start up a business.

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