Valentino - from Lisbon to Winterthur

Valentino - from Lisbon to Winterthur

Valentino's first two years at Deep Impact

Valentino, tell us all about moving from Portugal to Switzerland
Apart from the language barrier, my transition has been really smooth. The people are friendly, and I think I’ve settled in pretty well. One of my worst experiences was trying to buy garbage bags without knowing what they were called – using facial expressions, gestures and sounds at the cashier in front of a row of 10 people eventually worked. Now I know I need to ask for "Müllsäcke". As a big positive for me is to ride a bicycle for 12 kilometres to work, even in the winters.

How have the last two years been with Deep Impact?
It's going very well. The team is very open to changes and discussions, which creates the perfect environment for innovation. Having led the design department – coupled with my previous experience – I’ve enjoyed the challenge of structuring and developing the digital marketing department.

Please tell us about the training program and career opportunities with Deep Impact?
The company is committed to providing the right environment and tools for continuous individual development. We attend a European conference every year, we have private German lessons, Meetups, Heads-Ups and we have just opened our internal library.

What advice would you give to designers applying to Deep Impact?
Prepare yourself. Read the job offer twice, visit the company's website (and the new blog) and find out as much as you can. Prep answers to important questions like How do you start a project" or "Tell us about a challenge that has preoccupied you lately. How did you approach it and what were your learnings?" are two very common questions.

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