How a design sprint changes your way of working

Especially for the first two days, a design sprint brings together all stakeholders – from the user to the decision maker, from the tech buyer to the UX specialist – for an intensive meeting, so everyone contributes to the solution.

The most important elements from the sprints:
  • Brainstorming doesn't work, ideas become much better when everyone works on them individually.
  • Endlessly long discussions lead nowhere. Setting time frames and living methods for quick decision-making works.
  • Business blindness: it is everywhere and leads to wrong conclusions and guessathons.
  • Everyone has good ideas, not just UX or tech experts.
Our design sprint led us to radically change many of our approaches. We learnt that smaller workshops and meetings also benefit from these insights, and these individual approaches can be applied everywhere – they are not just useful in a four-day design sprint.

A design sprint can deliver a validated product, yes, but it also throws up many insights for daily business.

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