Co-Working with Comparis

Co-Working with Comparis

Comparis has been operating its own comparison platform since 1996. Technologically, the platform has grown steadily, especially in the back-end. But in the front-end, the technological legacy impairs performance and cause indexing problems at Google.

Comparis, a pioneer in this field, has operated its own comparison platform since 1996. Having grown steadily technologically speaking – especially in the back-end –technological legacy in its front-end has increased, creating performance problems and affecting its indexing in Google.
With deep knowledge in their field, Comparis developers commissioned external experts -- Deep Impact – to build a new front-end based on React and work closely to enhance the internal developers’ know-how during implementation.

In many companies, technological legacy is a problem. They rely on systems linked, enhanced and operated internally over many years but that have now outgrown their usefulness or are becoming obsolete. And overcoming technological legacy is a challenge because it is difficult for companies to find developers for new, modern technologies.

Learning by doing: Know-how transfer during implementation
Using our Accelerator Program, we ensure seamless know-how transfer during implementation. From the beginning, Comparis developers were on-site at Deep Impact, actively supporting the implementation of the React-based front-end. By doing this, Comparis was able to acquire the necessary know-how, so developers could take over ongoing maintenance and expansion autonomously.

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