Programmed web app with React and Typescript

Beni makes our lives easier

Beni, our Frontend Engineering Intern has programmed a scheduling tool for "Usability Testessen - usability test dinners" with React and Typescript.

Usability test dinners take place regularly in various German-speaking cities: the ideal opportunity for companies to have their prototypes, websites or apps tested by users before publication. Over pizza and beer, the testers rotate between the different projects and give their opinions and feedback.

The same problem comes up again and again: one tester has to leave early, another one has missed their train and is, therefore, running late. The organizers have to take all this into account to update the test schedule. Sounds tedious? We thought so too!

Beni, our Frontend Engineering Intern, has taken care of this problem. Immediately after starting at Deep Impact, he programmed a web app that allows the organizers to enter the various test stations and testers. The test plan is directly created by the user and can be updated continuously. There is even a timer function that indicates when it is time to rotate.

Beni summarizes his most important lessons as follows: "I built the app with React and Typescript, using the latest React technologies, such as Hooks. Typescript was especially interesting because I have never programmed typed before. I also learned a lot about how to plan and approach such an app. I especially practiced the principle of 'Quantity over Quality': Instead of trying to write a perfect line of code, I focused on making fast progress and improving the code continuously. Finally, I had many successes within a very short amount of time and was able to achieve a high quality of code. I have learned a lot and I look forward to applying the newly acquired knowledge and approach to future projects".

The best part: Beni acquired the front-end skills through self-study. After completing his studies in International Relations he worked for one year as a ski instructor, rafting guide and hiking guide and joined Deep Impact in October 2019.

We're looking forward to all the future projects with him!

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