Safety for events and convenience for their visitors

Major events organisers are facing various challenges today. General threat of terrorism and violent fan groups are leading to a complex risk scenario. On the other hand stadium visitors are more demanding, expecting enhanced service features starting with the access to the stadium Biometric solutions based on face recognition can support in both areas

Thanks to our face recognition software, faces can be quickly recognized and matched via an internal or external database. The process takes less than a second per face. For this, only the installation of HD capable cameras, and an internet connection is necessary at the entrance.

Our solution helps with
  • Access Control (VIP Acess, Secure Access)
  • Staff-Check at Entry
  • Biometric Ticketing
  • Check against Black-, Terror-, Law-Enforcement-Lists
Make an entry into an arena more convenient. Specially for owners of season tickets. If they want to transfer their season ticket for one match to another person, this person only has to take a picture via a web application in a secure environment. Very easy and convenient
Access for temporary staff is simplified, but also safer. Access areas can be biometrical secured.
Recognition of persons on blacklists or law enforcement lists when entering an event.

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