Joel, our all-round talent

Joel, our all-round talent

From support coordinator to Medinside manager. Career jumps at Deep Impact.

Joel, you're still a student, is that right? Tell us your story.
Yes, that's right. I'm working on my bachelor's degree in Digital Business Management. Deep Impact has given me a reduced workload, freeing me to balance my studies and work – after all the practical experience I gain here is not offered by any degree program.

What is your role at Deep Impact?
I started as a Support Manager at Deep Impact in 2015. It’s a very varied role, with all kinds of projects and tasks – a great way to learn a lot. After about six months, a project manager position came up. I applied and got it, so I started managing my own projects. It was a great chance to build my toolbox of experience and prepared me perfectly for my degree.

To reduce my workload so I could study, I joined the digital marketing team, where I was able to further deepen my knowledge. When I returned to full capacity towards the end of 2017, I went back to being a project manager.

Deep Impact's flexibility and trust have encouraged me to take on all manner of functions over the last three years, helping me to continually.
In November 2018, I took over the management of Medinside, a spin-off of Deep Impact.

Do you get to many conferences?
Sure, I was at Product Management Festival, Google, and I was invited to the Online Marketing Rockstars (OMR) Conference in Hamburg in March 2018 – a conference packed with exciting insights.
And I’m off to Lisbon for Web Summit 2019.

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