7 unbeatable reasons for a design sprint

7 unbeatable reasons for a design sprint

Achieve so much more with design sprints, the design-thinking recipe from Google Ventures.

There are many good reasons for design sprints, but these 7 are unbeatable:
  1. Time: In just 4 days you create a validated solution to a vague problem. Month-long discussions going back and forth are compressed into one intensive week.
  2. Money: The tedious communications and countless iterations of an old school approach cost far more than a design sprint.
  3. Quick decisions: Design sprints inspire incredibly fast decisions, which are validated before they are implemented. So the risk is minimal.
  4. User-oriented: Users are at the centre of development, working alongside experts from beginning to end, when they test the solution.
  5. Energy: A concentrated week of ideas, discussions, expert knowledge and teamwork. Taking this energy into the implementation of the project is worth its weight in gold.
  6. Management attention: The results after one week of teamwork are outstanding. This ensures management attention, guaranteed.
  7. Sales value: At the end of the design sprint, you have a clickable prototype you can use for sales purposes (investor rounds, internal persuasion, potential customers).

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