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Not only has searching for information via the Internet become cumbersome, but also on Intranet platforms. The explanation is the exponential growth of irrelevant information. Sifting relevant information out of the unceasing flood of facts and figures is increasingly difficult.

360 degree publishing including social features and automated organisation of extensive content.
Maintaining information on internet and intranet platforms is an enormous challenge the more complex architectures become. Several companies have put their confidence in Spectra, an excellent solution for complex platforms that need to stand out from the noise.

Several of the companies which have put their confidence in Spectra


What is it that makes Spectra so good?

Using Spectra, organisations can import and publish information from various sources quickly and easily and set differentiated viewing privileges. AI contextually compares information for relevance then navigation structures it to generate a hitting set for each interest. To round it all off, Spectra offers integrated social features such as notification, follow, discussion, collaboration and likes.

Spectra is ideal for organising platforms that have large volumes of information: news reporting, social networks, intranet applications, travel sites, blogs, real-estate listings and e-commerce applications.

Spectra persues three goals:

  • simplify and streamline content distribution and retrieval on the internet and intranet
  • automate information hierarchy using topic analysis to present content clusters
  • foster social interaction and collaboration

Spectra is a cloud-based solution with a high degree of availability and scalability. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, it is flexible and supports multi-tenancy.

Automated navigation

Context-based navigation and full-text search – each with auto-suggest functionality – enables the user to find the right content.

Simplified content publishing

The editor is WYSIWYG. Contextual editing menus appear only when and where they are needed, and the editor is customisable to suit each company’s CI/CD.

Social functions

Likes, follows, ratings, events, surveys can be easily integrated. Thanks to chat and messaging features, co-workers editing content can easily communicate with each other.

Interest-based notifications

As each user can share notifications as well as interests, users and posts to follow, Spectra notifications will not be considered spam.

Automated categorization and topic analysis

Content is integrated into a dynamically generated menu and rendered automatically in the context of existing content.

Thematic timelines

Time-oriented streams can be set up by theme to easily share start dates of new employees or special company events.


By continually improving Spectra, we want to simplify and automate interest-driven human interactions and deliver evermore relevant information evermore quickly.

We work for companies that outsource their digital innovation projects to us. We open up new digital market potentials and help to grow in new or disruptive product segments in less than 6 months.


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