Trading platform for Deal Estate

Online-transaction platform for institutional real-estate investors

Deal Estate enables real-estate investors to conduct completely digital transactions. The platform manages the processing of non-binding offers, binding offers and auctions and provides users with a secure virtual data room.

Deal Estate

Deal Estate is an innovative start-up that is changing how the real-estate market does its business.

The challenge

Real-estate sales are complex, especially in multi-step sales exceeding 10 million Swiss francs. Each sale involves the preparation of sales documents, exposure to the market, distribution of sales documents and other elements depending on the nature of the property. As a rule, the broker handles this process.

The solution

We built the Deal Estate platform based on our Spectra product. The platform automates all the processes, removing the need for a broker. After an intensive conceptual phase, we developed a prototype, which we then optimised. Using our platform, any seller can register a property, manage documents and make them publicly available, draw-up non-binding and binding contracts or hold an auction.

Deep Impact's role

We created the concept, built up the CI/CD infrastructure and web design. We also implemented the platform based on Spectra, our own product.