HOLCIM: Concrete. Cement. Gravel.

Simplifying LafargeHolcim’s sales processes takes digitalisation two steps forward.

Selling building products – think concrete, cement and gravel – is surprisingly complex. Product selection is complicated and must be tailored to each customer; prices and sales conditions apply to different construction sites, so integrating a standard e-commerce solution was out of the question. Instead, we created a bespoke platform specifically for Holcim.

LafargeHolcim Switzerland

LafargeHolcim is the largest producer of building materials in the world, with over a century in Switzerland. Still an industry leader, its sales processes are now completely online.

The challenge

There is extensive consultation in the ordering process. Price determination for each product configuration is extremely complex and is uniquely carried out for each construction site and each customer. SAP is the ERP software of choice.

The solution

We linked up SAP that is maintaining the prices, then we added applications and a wizard to enable the customer to assemble an order with relative ease. This made the ordering process significantly less complex and substantially reduced mistakes in the orders. The connection with SAP both adds value and facilitates the delivery of customer documents to the frontend.

The result

These days, even small- and mid-sized customers order building materials digitally. Access to the entire catalogue is constantly maintained, allowing even short-term delivery deadlines. Orders have been increasing every month and the online shop, which customers can access on a multitude of devices, is now immensely popular.

Deep Impact's role

Strategy. Consulting. Web design. User experience. Platform development. Maintenance of the interface with SAP. Digital marketing.

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