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Digital marketing

We base the targeted-digital marketing measures we take on optimising conversion as well as performance.

Optimised websites and fine-tuned targeted-marketing campaigns deliver peak performance and success. Targeted digital marketing measures conversion and performance.

Performance marketing

In performance marketing, our results dictate our fee. Each conversion-oriented digital-marketing campaign we develop is entirely personalised, targeting the customer’s specific audience with the right material in the right channels.

Conversion-centered design

Conversion-centred design (CCD) places conversion in the foreground. With neurolinguistics, predictive software and usability tests, we can ensure optimisation results in an increase of conversion on any website.

A/B Testing für eine Conversion-Optimierte Seite
A/B testing is an integral part of Deep Impact implementation

Search-engine-based marketing

Using SEA (search-engine advertising) and SEO (search-engine optimisation) enhances the visibility of a website on SERPs (search-engine results pages), and it is vital in digital marketing. An intuitive website with well-crafted content is especially profitable.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing (SMM) uses social media optimisation (SMO) and social media advertising (SMA) to make the most effective use of social networks for marketing. With your goal at the forefront, we define a clear strategy for reaching and motivating a product’s target audience.profitable.

Web analytics

Digital marketing is low cost and easy to segment, but it also makes important metric data available to every marketing enterprise. Our team of Google Analytics Certified Professionals can configure your account, analyse your website data and provide valuable monthly reports.

Programmatic advertising

Efficient and inexpensive, programmatic advertising will soon be one of the biggest players in web advertising. Its ability to produce very specific demographic and behaviour-based target groups and its high degree of segmentation is very exciting for marketers, who will soon be able to populate an advertisement on millions of web sites with a single mouse click.

We work for companies that outsource their digital innovation projects to us. We open up new digital market potentials and help to grow in new or disruptive product segments in less than 6 months.


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