Gemini Gesichtserkennung (Face Matching) direkt über Webcam

Gemini - Face matching

Gemini compares a facial image captured by a webcam directly with the image accompanying an official document such as a drivers license, ID, or passport. Designed especially with digital on-boarding of new customers of financial institutions in mind, Gemini offers dependable identification. Gemini can be built directly into the application process. Gemini fulfulls FINMA's (Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority) guidelines.

Gemini is facial-recognition software which compares a person's face with his/her ID photo in real time. Thus, Gemini ascertains within an extremely short period of time whether or not the real person corresponds to the person on the photo - and does so with an otherwise unmet ratio of success..

Gemini is deployed wherever IDs are checked: at borders, at airports, during purchases of mobile telephones, the opening of financial accounts, in the presence of officials, etc. Combined with the Libra product, the software offers facial recognition, ID validation as well as AML (Anti-Money-Laundering) compliance checking in one package. Additionally, the interface is - thanks to voice-command technology - simple to use and the entire check is completed in a matter of a few seconds.

Gemini is high performing software

Gemini is able to detect a match within just a very few seconds. Die Software requires no plugIn and is abled to be invoked directly via the browser.

Einfacher Facematch über Webcam.

Gemini contains comprehensive fraud detection capability. Anti-Spoofing is reliably recognised and reported.

The artificial-intelligence components in the software have been and are continuing to be developed by our machine learning team.
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