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Online strategy, consulting and project management

A digital strategy without a concrete way to implement it is of no use to an enterprise. With that in mind, the strategies we define to prepare enterprises for digital transformation are practice-relevant while still being innovative.

Keep your digital transformation on course - from start to finish - without detours.

Agile project-management methods. Vast experience in real-world implementation of web applications. All keep projects on target to reach ambitious goals. Our customers have generated over 4 billion Swiss francs in online revenue over the past 5 years.

Forming an effective digital strategy requires close collaboration, starting with a targeted design sprint to yield solutions at high speed.

Delivering results

  • Improving, developing and measuring the success of proprietary web applications
  • Engineering concepts grounded in practice and plausibility
  • Building high-performing global platforms
Deep-Impact created platforms have collectively generated over 4 billion Swiss francs in revenue for our customers.

Preparing enterprises for digital transformation

Digital transformation opens up a world of possibilities and challenges - learn how to successfully overcome those challenges. Collaborative consultation finds the perfect digital strategy to ensure success of online, e-commerce, digitalisation and digital-marketing initiatives.

Agile project management

  • Agile actions and thoughts for a changing world
  • Hybrid, goal-oriented implementation phase
  • Clear roadmap with flexible milestones
  • Close collaboration delivers rapid development
  • Efficient design sprints facilitates early software testing
100% of our projects have gone online.

Why use agile project management?

In web-application development, modifications are the norm. This is the reality of developing software for the web. Agile project management makes it easy to adjust the scope of the application, optimise products and re-establish priorities to meet changing customer needs without affecting the development process.

Access to our project-management tools means you can review the state of development and scope of the application at any time.

Project management: your single point of contact (SPOC)

Each single-point-of-contact (SPOC) project manager monitors your project goals, bottom lines and milestones en route to delivery deadlines. SPOCs organise and prioritise each project.
Working with an agile project team
  • Maintain a continual exchange of information
  • Use the best development method for each project: Scrum, Kanban, one of our home-grown solutions or your prescribed tools

Agiles Projekt Management mit Daily
Among scrum's useful artifacts is the daily stand-up meeting.

Working together with our project team

Whatever development methodology we use, be it Scrum, Kanban or one of our home-grown methodologies, it will be the one which best suits your project. Our agile model necessitates that we work closely with our customers and continually exchange information with them. The management of such activity is facilitated by any of several available, tried-and-tested tools. We are also willing, however, to work with tools that you prescribe, if you wish.

We work for companies that outsource their digital innovation projects to us. We open up new digital market potentials and help to grow in new or disruptive product segments in less than 6 months.


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