We accelerate ideas to success

We launch your digital products fast. And we conquer new online markets with you or support you in your digital transformation.

Performance is the key.

We break digital projects into small bites and launch them as quickly as possible. The MVP must be online in no more than 6 months. After the launch, we start the evolution of the product. We immediately learn from the market and quickly process information to optimize the product to your customers further.

We have implemented digital initiatives in over 100 companies. None has failed.

We implement the digital transformation in your company. This from the idea to the launch and scaling. With more than 200 successfully launched projects, we have extensive expertise in efficiently building platforms. Ideation, development, prototyping - you name it. We have software engineers, UX / UI designers, design sprint experts and AI cracks to help you grow.

Digital Transformation

Your digital transformation is our priority. Starting with a design sprint, we develop and test ideas quickly, and we’ll have an online MVP in 6 months max.

Software Engineering

As engineers we like challenges. We are happy to provide solutions to the business problems you might have. All our developers are located in Switzerland and have many years of experience with a broad selection of technologies.

Design Sprints

Solve problems and test your ideas with your customers in only 4 days. We are proud to be one of the first ones in Europe who use this method which was created by Google Ventures.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is not only a buzzword for us, we do extensive research in this field and work with it daily. Several of our applications that are built on artificial intelligence are already on the market.

User Experience Design

We’re passionate about creating coherent and intuitive websites which create impactful experiences for people and brands. Staying at the leading edge of technology and web design.

Venture Building

Thanks to our knowledge of different industries and our technological knowledge, we often have ideas that are worth exploring. We spin-off the best ideas and create our own ventures out of them.

About Us

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The best innovation workshop

A Design Sprint lasts 4 days and is a workshop format developed by Google. We are experienced moderators and experts of the design sprint and accompany you through the 4-day innovation workshop. You will find out within a few days whether an idea or solution that we have developed together with your team is marketable.

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Use Cases

Enough with the blabla now, let’s get real! Discover platforms we have built for and with our clients and we’re particularly proud of.

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