We are enthusiastic innovators

Companies use Deep Impact as an innovator to test new digital ideas on the market or to outsource their innovation projects, as well as to master internal technology leaps.

As an accelerator, Deep Impact offers space for innovation and digital transformation. We will build new platforms with new business ideas in a maximum of 6 months. This is how we put digital transformation into practice.

Deep Impact offers all services from strategy to commercialization from a single source.

We find elegant solutions for big challenges. The software we develop is always based on the latest technologies and findings. We incorporate knowledge about user experience into our work as well as current research results from our own R&D team.

We invest our profits in our team, which is always at the cutting edge of technology. We also participate in disruptive spin-offs, all of which have a major goal: Conquer the Digital World.

  • We accelerate innovation

    Our employees are the raw material for our innovation and digital transformation projects. With more than 250 years in the digital field and over 100 successfully launched projects, Deep Impact has extensive expertise in building and operating platforms for a wide variety of industries.


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...and the best for last:

Deep Impact possesses the largest gin bar in Winterthur. It’s open every Friday at 5:00 PM. We especially recommend our own brand, “Altum Impulsum”, either straight-up or with Gents tonic.