Our team

Highly talented web fanatics.

The 34 Deep Impact men and women are frontend and backend developers, designers, user-experience architects, consultants and project managers. What unites us all is a deep commitment to finding the best solution.

  • Raphael Hürzeler

    Senior Software Engineer

    Experte, wenn’s um’s B(r)auen geht: Als Software-Entwickler nüchtern-analytisch, abends gern feuchtfröhlich mit gutem Craftbier. Er weiss halt erstklassiges Handwerk noch zu schätzen.

  • Joël Herde

    Project Manager

    Neugieriger Projektmanager, der digital denkt und stets die Übersicht behält. Joël kennt sich mit Webtrends so gut aus, dass er schon fast in der Zukunft lebt. Wenn er im Hier und Jetzt ist, hat er gerne einen Gin Tonic in der Hand oder schaut sich ein Fussballspiel an.

  • Matthias Müller

    Business Development Manager

    The operating system of Matthias is called Design Thinking. For him empathy is the driver to success. He loves everything which irritates – and visiting openair bars in the alps.

  • Mike Pichowetz

    Digital Marketing Consultant

    Every day starts with a smile, also when it's raining outside. mike thinks not in problems, but in terms of solutions, always keeping the customer's needs in mind. his goal in sales is to have satisfied customers and for that he travels through the whole switzerland. he prefers to spend his free time with the kids or playing sports.

  • Rubin Pfeifer

    Web Traffic Manager

    Online Marketing with passion! That is my professional principle. I manage online ads with pleasure and am happy about every new lead for our clients. It is as it is, but it will be what you make of it. With this fundamental approach I move every day present in the now and here. Father of twins and incredibly honored and interested to see them grow up.Been passioned as a snowboarder, biker, skater, surfer for many years now.

  • Silvan Vogelsanger

    Senior Software Engineer

    Sein Tag besteht aus zwei Hälten: Tagsüber liebt es Silvan, in Clojure zu entwickeln. Nachts tauscht er den Code gegen andere Buchstaben und liest gern stundenlang Bücher.

  • Stefania Barletta

    Digital Marketing Consultant

    Stefania sets accents in creativity and colour in everything she does. She has a keen eye for detail and always looks beyond the horizon. Her incredible energy and her laughter makes her stand out, and she also infects her colleagues and friends with her positive attitude to life. Whether FR in Paris, EN in New York, IT in Milan or SP in Madrid, languages and travel are among her greatest passions.

  • Markus Cristelotti

    Project Manager

    Curious all-rounder who moves somewhere between project management, support and sales. No wonder, his activity tracker shows more steps per day than any other in a week. In his spare time he plays ice hockey and travels the world.

  • Dávid Tóth

    Senior Software Engineer

    Tiefstapler, der von allen als Experte betrachtet wird ausser von sich selbst. Dávid ist verantwortlich fürs Backend, aber auch ein hervorragender Frontend-Entwickler und Gourmet, der in Sachen Software und Essen einen sehr breiten Geschmack hat.

  • Denis Wirth

    Senior Project Manager

    You can't teach an old dog new tricks is a proverb not applicable to Denis. He thrives on challenges and his experience allows him to tackle projects of all degrees of complexity. In his spare time he hunts swells and steep lines...

  • Sonja Köchli

    Acceleration Manager

    With the fascination for high innovative ability and the associated speed, Sonja counters the organizational burn-out. True to the motto "be different", she is committed to a customer-centric mindset every day and enjoys creative development. In her function at Deep Impact, she puts her energy into supporting clients in the implementation of sustainable business ideas... In her private life, she gets excited about every spontaneous idea!

  • Samuel Spycher


    Ask him where he comes from and where is going to: you'll get an earful of new. Sam has a unique vision for the digital age, and he brings it to bear consistently in his work. Besides building the future, he focuses on assembling the best possible teams, removing their frictions, and handing them full authority. So that they can rock.

  • Benjamin Bar-Gera

    Junior Frontend Engineer

    Beni loves to be outside. And when he's not outside, he's either reading, cooking, or programming. While working as a hiking guide and rafting guide, Beni taught himself how to program. Today he is happy to call himself a frontend developer and to learn something new every day.

  • Morris Sigrist

    Customer Support

    Morris is interested in nearly everything except when he hast o learn something in school. Nevertheless has he managed to pass his exams for his bachelor degree. Now he cares about all the needs of the customers. Beside volleyball his biggest hobby is fishing. Most of his holidays are used for fishing.

  • Nao Lötscher

    Interactive Media Designer EFZ

    By completing my apprenticeship here in Deep Impact, I’m able to learn directly from the experts. With my passion of producing videos, I bring movement to the company. Aside from becoming the best interactive media designer, my goal is to catch the biggest fish from the Lake of Zürich and to perform the furthest jump between two skyscrapers.

  • Daniel Kaiser

    Machine Learning Research Scientist

    Daniel is part of the machine learning research team. Being an engineer at heart, he believes that one day machines will be superior than the average human at most cognitive tasks. If not at work, you can find him boarding flights at airports, visiting penguins in the zoo, or modeling the stock market.

  • Murtaza Mohammadi

    Frontend Developer

    Murtaza likes new challenges and learning about new things: new cultures, new people, new languages,... In his free time, he makes new friends and goes outside with them. He doesn't like staying at home. His hobbies are reading books and playing football. His favorite football player is Cristiano Ronaldo. Oh, and one more thing: he cannot live without his laptop...

  • Markus Schaad

    Designer & Senior Frontend

    Table drummer and Volvo evangalist who keeps our company in the fast lane for years now. If Markus isn’t torturing bikers on brutal race tracks he pushes resisting pixels.

  • Marina Dünki

    Back Office

    Flair für Zahlen und Menschen: Lohn- und Gehaltsabrechnung, Personalwesen, interne Kostenrechnung, Finanzbuchhaltung, Veranstaltungsmanagement, Office Management und Executive Assistance – all das ist für Marina keine Hexerei. Kein Wunder ist sie unsere «Fee».

  • Manuela Hug


    Manuela is always on the lookout for the best methods to achieve invaluable results at high speed combined with the shortest amount of meeting hours. That is how she became our Design Sprint evangelist. She loves the dynamic environment of digital transformation. Apart from the fast paced digital world, she loves to try out new things such as pottery, sketching, … and her most indulging hobby that is the art of good wine.

  • Luan Gjokaj

    Design Lead & UX

    No one has a clearer position than him: Right between look and feel. As important as the look is to Luan, he always manages to give the finishing touch to his code.

  • Claudia Buck

    Interaction Design & Design Sprint Intern

    As an Interaction Design Student, Claudia has joined the design team for the summer in order to explore the world of Design Sprints and User Experience more in depth. She’s a positive person who doesn’t give up easily and who doesn’t shy from a challenge. Of one thing you can be certain: you can always find a book in her bag for she can never stop reading.

  • Rodrigo Benz

    Head of Front End Engineering

    Happy not to own an electric bike. Busses are too unreliable. He's a fast thinker and always helpful.

  • Laura Schilliger

    Communications Specialist

    Run Laura run! Or was that Lola? Anyways, for her, only a busy day is a good day. So she would for example run from the office on to the yoga mat and to a dinner or concert with friends. She loves packaging information into small edible snacks - that's why she's responsible for Communications at Deep Impact.

  • Alba Ongaro

    Junior Frontend Engineer

    As a self taught developer, I’m always looking for new challenges to improve my skills and knowledge. When not programming (which is a pretty rare situation) you’ll probably find me crying my eyes out on a Disney movie (you’re never too old for Disney.) or drinking something with my friends.

  • Jorge Marques

    Software Engineer

    From the land where football and fado are King and Queen. Jack of all trades, master of none. Loves to talk about things he doesn’t know much about.

  • Fatima Martins

    Junior Frontend Engineer

    Fatima is a self-taught web developer with a background in Pharmaceutical Sciences. She is a self-driven learner with a passion for building beautiful, scalable and clean web applications. Apart from the development world, she loves reading and hiking.

  • Zoltán Kinyó

    Senior Software Engineer

    His mother tongue is Clojure and he loves it. Zoltán is only happy when he can learn something new. Not only in the office: after work he likes to read good books. When he’s resting, he prefers to be in the nature or do some sport.

  • Christian Fehrlin

    CEO & Founder

    Chief and team player: Christian has no fixed table because he prefers to work in the middle of the action. This is exactly how he accelerates projects with customers and the team. And of course he likes all the high-tech features of his Tesla and sometimes he enjoys a good whisky after a hard day of work.

  • Miguel Soares

    Software Engineer

    I was born and raised in an island with 15k people in the middle of the Atlantic. In my quest to learn more I kept going East and now I’ve settled in Switzerland. As a software engineer I have worked with many languages, from Fortran to Clojure but the hardest one to learn for me is German. But the biggest fish I prefer to catch in the sea.

  • Fabio Schmieder

    Acceleration Manager

    While his classmates were building their first websites and learning JavaScript, Fabio preferred skating, snowboarding and graffiti painting. Today he is annoyed that he never learned programming, but he is very happy to be surrounded by great developers. Fabio is enthusiastic about radical ideas and elegant technical solutions that were co-created by an interdisciplinary team during a design sprint.

  • Isabel Züger

    Senior Software Engineer

    No one is better organized than Isabel. A clean code is just as much a part of her daily work as her bicycle. The latter brings her to us even on the coldest winter days - and back home, where she enjoys creative 3D printing.

  • Ben Siegenthaler

    Junior Front-End Engineering

    Ben studies Digital Ideation at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts. At Deep Impact he can put the fusion of computer science and design into practice. When he is not busy with a Unity project, you might find him playing guitar or snowboarding.

  • Valentino Baptista

    Head of Design & Digital Marketing

    One time, I ate a hamburger and then like an hour later I started sneezing, but I don't think it had anything to do with the hamburger. Valentino, 39, Not Mexican, not Peruvian, not Indian. Now, I need to get back to build fun, delightful and profitable digital products.

  • Paul Stanley

    Senior Software Engineer

    Frühaufsteher, Sudokuprofi und Multitalent: Paul beherrscht Java, JavaScript, Clojure, C und PHP. Er kann sogar alten Hunden neue Tricks beibringen – zumindest im übertragenen Sinn. Gedanken über den Zustand der Demokratie halten ihn genau so fit wie Sport.

  • Gilbert F. Duivesteijn

    Secret Weapon

    Ja, Sie haben richtig gelesen: Er ist eine Geheimwaffe. Gilberts Fähigkeiten sind so komplex, dass er nur an komplizierten Dingen arbeiten kann. Sein Nickname ist Topsy Krett.

  • Mohammad Al Mestarihi

    UI / UX Designer

    Mohammad is a quiet person who loves to help with his creative out-of-the-box thinking. He loves challenges, is detail-oriented and always tries to leave a special kind of spark in his work. He loves traveling, cooking and playing video games.

  • Audrius Meškauskas

    Senior Software Engineer

    Audrius Meškauskas is known for the world scientific community as one of the two key developers of the Neighbour-sensing model (other being Prof David Moore from Manchester University). Later work in multiple ETHZ startups made him familiar with range of technologies and programming languages, including experience in machine learning, computer vision and robotic control. Apart from system biology reasearch, Audrius has ETHZ degree in Distributed Systems.

  • Christian Kramer

    Technical Project Lead

    Our prehistoric employee has not only been on board for thousands of years, but also loves prehistoric VW vans. No wonder, the systems he developed are extremely durable. Chris is extremely committed, reliable and will hopefully make us laugh with his humour for many years to come.

  • Volodymyr B. Vizovskyy

    Software Engineer

    A geek, who feels at home in the world of functional programming. He knows a little anectode about almost every component of the GNU/Linux operating system. When he's not working on one of his countless mechanical keyboards - he's probably out with Brian, his beagle.