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Swiss Prime Site

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Kick off your projects at speed with ready-to-go solutions. Cloud-based architecture and modern technology stacks allow global distribution, scalability, interruption-free deployment, and optimised performance.


360-degree publishing tool with social features and automated content organisation.

  • Simplify and streamline content distribution
  • Spend less time looking for information
  • Share information across platforms

Spectra empowers some of the biggest companies and most exciting start ups

amag uses Spectra to offer its dealers a cross-brand solution

Ensuring the consistency in communicating services to around 1000 dealers across Switzerland.

The largest news portal for Switzerland’s health industry

Serving over 500,000 health workers in Switzerland, the platform provides up-to-the-minute news and reports from hospitals and medical practices.

KMU Swiss Podium 2018 Talk — Christian Fehrlin (CEO)

Improve your products with AI

AI helps us improve your products and user experience.

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Sentinel - Realtime face match

Capture and identifie people – in less than a second – people entering stadium and arena events.

Gemini - Face matching

AI browser based solution for face matching with official identification documents.

Libra - KYC with AI

Offers fast and reliable background checks as part of the AML/KYC process.

Virgo - Search with AI.

Collect data about people listed on sanctions lists and in high-risk environments.

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