We help you conquer the digital world

We design, build, and market disruptive web software, launching your minimum viable product in less than 6 months.


Launch Pad for your digital strategy

We have extensive expertise in building web platforms for a wide variety of industries. Using our fast, systematic, problem-solving frameworks to launch your product with light speed.

  • Design Sprints to solve problems in only 4 days.
  • Fast prototyping and user testing.
  • UX Design to optimize user's experience and conversion.
  • Agile project-management to plan your project.
  • High-end software stacks ready to go.

Product launch in less than 6 months

Our accelerator opens up new markets opportunities or creates new products. By building prototypes and testing your ideas within 2 weeks, the decision to build a minimum viable product is simplified.

Artificial Intelligence

Artifical Intelligence is not a buzzword for us. We research and invest in these technologies and use AI on a daily basis.

We work in the fields of Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Internet Information Processing and Data Science. We are among the world leaders in facial recognition, as a comparison with scientific benchmarks (Labeled Faces in the Wild) shows.


Web software development at a high level

Deep Impact think intensively about the problems and then build the best possible and most efficient solution. This is how we develop web software that optimally covers the real needs of customers and users. Our web development team has broad experience with frontend and backend technologies.


Design sprints

From idea to prototype in just 4 days: We accelerate the path from idea to implementation and lead to a validated solution faster than ever before with the Design Sprint Framework. Various experts from our clients and us work out the solution in collaborative steps. The idea is immediately tested and validated on the user to maximize the chances of creating something that people want.


Minimal Viable Product (MVP)

The MVP is the fastest possible way to bring a product to market maturity. The quickly and easily created product is only equipped with the most necessary core functions to save money and time. It will be published online as soon as possible to get feedback from customers. The feedback is then used to extend and improvethe MVP round by round.

Our innovation and digital-transformation partners

More than 50 clients and 120+ projects are using our fast, systematic problem-solving frameworks. To date, our customers have generated more than CHF 4 billion in sales online.

Swiss Prime Site
Neue Aargauer Bank
Kartause Ittingen
Credit Suisse
Lafarge Holcim

Unsolvable digital problems? Impossible deadlines? Bring it on!